OMSI Repaint – Great Grundorf Bus Service Repaint for Studio Polygon Buses

These packs are made for the Studio Polygon Lite and Studio Polygon 400 MMC.

Please extract all the files to your OMSI2 directory.
The repaints are made according to Great Grundorf Bus Service Standard Livery Guideline.

Download Link

For Studio Polygon Lite
For Studio Polygon 400 MMC

Great Grundorf 2 144×19 Hanover Display


The display texture is loosely based on the style of KMB’s Route Display set
The hof file is optimized for buses by Masterswitch Studios’ Buses and Studio Polygon’s Buses fitted with Hanover DG3 controller.

Please unzip the “Vehicles” folder to your OMSI2 directory.
And put the hof file to the bus folder.

For the original LHD map, please use “GreatGrundorf2_LHD.hof”.
For the modded RHD map, please use “GreatGrundorf2_RHD.hof”.


Masterswitch Studios’ Buses: Google Drive
Studio Polygon’s Buses: Google Drive

OMSI Repaint – Great Grundorf Bus Service Repaint for Digibus Phantom

Please extract all the files to “X:\OMSI”.
The repaint is made according to Great Grundorf Bus Service Standard Livery Guideline.

Optional Extras

Official Digibus Phantom Branding Pack
Citybus Style Great Grundorf 2 LHT Rollband

Download Link

Google Drive

OMSI Cherryland Route Display Set in KMB Style


This Display Set includes the Route Display in the following formats:

  • Hanover (Transbus E500 by winsome)
  • Hanover_Orange (ADL E400 by winsome)
  • Hanover_Orange_Full (ADL E500MMC by winsome)
  • Hanover_White_Full (ADL E500MMC AI by CDLBT)
  • GX7767_Hanover_KMB_G (Volvo B9TL, Neoplan Centroliner, ADL E400 by GX7767)
  • GX7767_Hanover_KMB_O (ADL E500MMC by GX7767)
  • GX7767_Hanover_KMB_OS (ADL E200 by GX7767)
  • AVBWU_Hanover (Volvo B9TL AI by M_3)
  • Hanover_SD (Scania K230UB AI by M_3)

Stopreporter texture in the following format:

  • GX7767_Hoilun
  • GX7767_GPSHoilun

And Batch File for renaming Stopreporter Audio file


Google Drive

Batch File manual

  1. Extract the Original Stop Announcement File to the “A_COMMON_Announcements\Cherryland”, “GX7767_GPSHoilun\Sound\Cherryland” and “GX7767_Hoilun\Sound\Cherryland”
  2. Run the Batch File in the above mentioned folders

Volvo Olympian 12M (GE5135) Miscellaneous Add-ons


This addon includes:

  • Repainting support with Photoshop .PSD templates
  • More accurate LiteVision Route Displays
  • Implemented setting destination blind automatically with ’92E’ button
  • Fixed lighting issues and improved lighting behavior
  • Added rain effects
  • Improved textures, models and physics

Read the readme text file for more details.

Installation Instruction

Drag the content in the ‘Vehicles’ folder into your OMSI2 directory and replace existing files.


This addon is made for ‘Volvo Olympian 12M (315 GE5135)‘ by GE5135 Studio
4-digit LiteVision fonts from our ‘Electronics Add-on for Dennis Dragon 12M CTB 801-830‘ are also needed

Download Link

Google Drive

Special Thanks

FF3170 for the script tutorial on modifing the destination display, dependent suspensions and the axle.
hello_I_am_son for the improved dependent suspension script.
GE5135 Studio for granting permission to modify the models.

九巴新版車牌仔字體 - Arial Bold 及 Helvetica Bold


建議 TextTexture Code:
HelveticaBold 或 Arial Bold

Download link