Great Grundorf 2 144×19 Hanover Display


The display texture is loosely based on the style of KMB's Route Display set
The hof file is optimized for buses by Masterswitch Studios' Buses and Studio Polygon's Buses fitted with Hanover DG3 controller.

Please unzip the “Vehicles” folder to your OMSI2 directory.
And put the hof file to the bus folder.

For the original LHD map, please use “GreatGrundorf2_LHD.hof”.
For the modded RHD map, please use “GreatGrundorf2_RHD.hof”.


For Masterswitch Studios' Buses: Google Drive

For Studio Polygon's Buses: Google Drive
Fix for Lite v1.2.2 and 400MMC v1.2 (require main SP pack): Google Drive