Great Grundorf 2 LHT Rollband in Citybus VDD05 Style

02/04/2020 20:25 (UTC+8) Added support for V3D's Digibus Phantom

Please unzip the “Anzeigen” folder to “X:\OMSI\Vehicles”.
Put the suitable hof file to the bus folder.

For Gx7767 Studio's Citybus Olympian/Dennis Dragon, please use “GreatGrundorf2.hof”.
For 1333's Citybus Dennis Dart Carlyle, please use “GreatGrundorf2_1488.hof”
For AD156's Volvo B10BLE Wright Renown, please use “GreatGrundorf2_Renown.hof”.
For V3D's Digibus Phantom, please use “GreatGrundorf2_PhantomY.hof” or “GreatGrundorf2_PhantomW.hof”.

Please refer to the Readme file for destination list.

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