OMSI Repaint – Great Grundorf Bus Service Repaint for ALX400

16/2/2019 14:05 (UTC+8) Updated for B7TL Alpha v9.6

This repaint pack is made for the following buses:

  • V3D’s TransBus ALX400 (London Spec) v1.03a
  • V3D’s TransBus ALX400 (Regional Spec) v1.03
  • V3D’s Volvo B7TL / ALX400 Alpha preview v9.6

Please extract all the files to “X:OMSI”.

Main Server
Google Drive

Great Grundorf 2 Krueger++ Route Display in NWST Style

Please unzip the “Anzeigen” folder to “X:OMSIVehicles”.
Put the suitable hof file to the bus folder.

For the original LHD map, please use “GreatGrundorf2_LHD.hof”.
For the modded RHD map, please use “GreatGrundorf2_RHD.hof”.

Download: Main Server
Google Drive

Special Thanks GJFTA for the NWST style characters.